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I help clients suffering from pain, learn how to heal and overcome their limitations naturally. I teach practical tools and mindset strategies to help clients escalate their transformation to feel whole, happy and enjoying their lives, far beyond doing it alone.

When we work together, we not only dig deep into your mental health but your emotional health as well. Your emotions are the barometer of your life. If you are feeling happy and fulfilled emotionally, your outside life will reflect that. If you are experiencing sadness, anger and frustration, your outer life will reflect that. When we experience pockets of pain, unhappiness and frustration, it a reminder to pay attention. It allows us to be conscious about it and then do something about it. There are times in our lives, when we don’t know what that looks like and where to start, that is where I step in to help.

I am Wendi Lindenmuth

A Transformational leader and teacher, nationally certified Energy Healer, and intuitive artist. I also have an incredible Facebook community called Creative Healing Community of almost 14000 creative artists and healers where I get to teach, share my healing, my art and my messages around the world and provide an opportunity for others to do that as well and create incredible relationships/connections.