I have my life back

"Before I started this program I was exhausted and dealing with nasty side effects from the prescription medication I had to take for my chronic health condition, which had also been flaring up steadily for about three months before I started working with Wendi. I had constant debilitating headaches, a loud constant ringing and swooshing in my ears, a very stiff neck and constant heartburn. I was miserable, not to mention overwhelmed with trying to keep moving forward but also taking time and resting and catching up with everything in my life that just dropped when I started having flareups.

I found ways to be grateful even in the midst of a really hard time in my life. I had immediate relief from the headaches as Wendi worked on my energy body. She helped me create a manageable schedule that left plenty of time for movement, rest and fun and held me accountable for implementing it. We honed in on a few small changes to my diet that really helped nail down my approach and we worked together to figure out what supplementation would help my constant heartburn and some other nagging issues like low energy and overly regular bathroom visits, if you catch my drift haha. As a result ofWendi’s gentle but firm help, I am now also rising at 6:30 every day which gives me plenty of time to do my self-care practice before the onslaught of my work day.

Wendi is a compassionate teacher, a soulful big sister and gentle drill sergeant when it comes to doing the work. I can’t even imagine where I would be if I didn’t have her helping me deal with these issues. I have my life back! I get to show up as the leader I am and don’t feel overwhelmed by the thought of my life anymore… and that’s 100% because I feel better and can actually function. I am grateful!

I’m starting to see myself completely differently. I thought this illness was a life sentence. I was wrong. It’s a stepping stone to an even better, stronger more confident future. Plus… the regular meditation practice I now have is helping me visualize an EVEN better future!"

Went from barely able to move to ordering a mini-trampoline!

"Health problems: Before this program I had extremely limited mobility, very poor range of motion, extreme difficulty with activities of daily living in terms of self care, balance issues, stamina, lymphedema swelling, lethargy, sleep issues, challenges digesting fats, extreme weight gain and extreme difficulty losing it, thyroid issues, emotional balance challenge.

I have worked with quite a few practioners in the field of nutrition, life coaching, integrative medicine and more and had achieved some results but my work with @Wendi Lindenmuth far surpassed and exceeded my expectations in a very short period of time. I have increased my range of motion, my 
balance and my stamina so much so that activities of daily living are much easier and I am building up towards beginning to work out on the new mini-trampoline I just ordered.

 My sleep has improved in quality and quantity and I have been able to lift weights and walk with them as well, putting away my grocery order.

I have benefited greatly as well from processing and then pre-planning emotional challenges for the future.

 I have made great strides with my nutritional plans and during the time we have worked together in the six week program and the subsequent two weeks I have lost 40 pounds of extraneous fluids and perhaps some fats as well, liberating my legs from the heaviness and extreme gravity with which they have been challenged..

I have also lost many inches overall in my legs as well as the rest of my contours." 



A Powerful Support System

Wendi Lindenmuth is a powerful support system for people with chronic illness or pain so they can reclaim their body. She is pretty epic. PollyAnna Brown.