Hi! I’m Wendi Lindenmuth

While I’m moving steadily down the path of healing now, my life path hasn’t always been so clear, in 2015…

The summer of 2015 I was blindsided by a multitude of crazy illnesses that set the path to change my life forever. I was unexpectedly hit with shingles, which led to viral meningitis (three times) due to a staph infection and MRSA and my thyroid was attacked and rendered non-functioning!

Up until then, I was a successful consultant in the medical device field and a competitive athlete/ cyclist. After countless medical tests, I was finally diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease and other tick co-infections, which had triggered all the above illnesses.

I also suffered from muscle and nerve damage (peripheral neuropathy) which made it extremely difficult and painful to use my limbs for normal daily activities such as walking, brushing my hair and teeth and doing the dishes.

I was diagnosed with a severe traumatic brain injury from the meningitis which made it difficult to listen to any form of sound, watch television or even read and my vision was damaged. For a time, I couldn't even understand what people were saying, it sounded like some weird jumbled up language. I am still recovering from many of these symptoms but realize I have a choice every day to how I show up in my life and how I react to it.

After exploring a variety of both western and alternative medicine, I was introduced to Energy Healing Medicine and I began to witness my WHOLE SELF; body, mind and spirit transform and heal.

This had such a profound impact on healing my whole being; body, mind and soul that I began training and became nationally certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner and a Mindset Strategist. I have since worked with thousands of people to help them heal and teach them the tools to heal themselves by using both mindset and energy/heart work.

How I Help People Now

A great deal of my work is helping people use energy and mindset strategies to get out of their heads and into trusting their hearts.

When our attention naturally rests in the heart center, we feel at home in ourselves and the world. When we consciously create by THINKING AND FEELING that is when the magic happens in creating anything and everything in our lives.

I help you learn practical tools and mindset strategies to meet YOUR life goals and objectives to escalate your transformation far beyond doing it alone.

I help you become someone who has a higher resonance in the Universe, someone who can be a more perfect and fulfilling YOU! IT is about you calling in the higher version of you that is already inside of YOU.

Creating My Online Community

September of 2017, I was in search for other like-minded creative healers and artists. So, I created an incredible Facebook community called Creative Healing Community. Within 4 months, my community grew to over 12,000 people and has grown even more since then. Creative Healing Community is a safe place to share and educate others about different healing modalities, techniques and tools to up-level your life through live videos, learning units and mini-courses. It is also to a creative and fun space to share your creative visual and performing passions! I invite you to join the community so you can also find your people.