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Consciously Create Who You Want to Become

This program will teach you how to purposely look within yourself (your Chakra Energy system) and understand that EVERYTHING that is happening in your external world is a mirror of your internal world.

You will get a better understanding that LIFE HAPPENS FROM YOU!


You will also learn various tools and have resources to help you support your chakras including;

·         Meditations

·         Music

·         Color therapy

·         Nature therapy

·         Crystals

·         Nutrition

·         Yoga poses

·         Mandalas

·          Essential oils

·         Learn  how to assess your own chakras using a pendulum

In the program you will learn to feel and create more:  

·        Abundance and Security

·         Financial Stability

·         Passion

·         Creativity

·         Confidence

·         Self-love and forgiveness

·         Authentic use of your inner voice

·        Trust using your intuition  

·         Openness to receiving your intuitive gifts  

·         Connection with your higher self and creator. 


Watch pre-recorded guest speakers share their knowledge and expertise on the following topics:

  • Essential Oils and Chakras

  • Crystals and Chakras

  • Nutrition and Chakras

  • How to use your pendulum to check your own chakras.




– You will have access to the Healing From Within Self-paced program inside Facebook.

– You will have access to all the pre-recorded sessions which are located in the UNIT sections of the Facebook page.

– Each UNIT consists of a workbook, video, resources to help support your chakras, and homework.

– You can take as long as you need for each unit/module to complete. It is highly recommend to spend a minimum of 2 weeks on each chakra, a month is ideal to really get them strong and supported.

– I am available via messenger and in the group for any questions or concerns and additional support along the way.

During this program you will: 

  • Receive a workbook for each module to help guide you in working with each chakra

  • Learn about each module/chakra in depth and the tools to help support them

  • Learn how to re-write your memories/emotions, limiting beliefs and fears that correlate with each chakra by using Ho'Oponopono (an ancient Hawaiian philosophy of erasing/cleaning memories). This INCREASES YOUR VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY so that any negative memories/emotions that no longer serve you, will not be able to survive in within you.

  • You will receive designated homework to help you balance, support and strengthen each of your chakras.

  • Receive a mandala to color for each module to color correlating with each specific chakra

  • Complete a before and final assessment to track your progress from the beginning of the class.

  • Join a private FB group just for this program where the entire program takes place.



There’s a 1:1 option to work with me directly for 14 weeks. Unlimited support from me and your own private fb group with you and myself to keep all of the resources together for you to learn from. The cost is $888. ( Email or FB message me for more details)



It starts when you pay and register!

Be prepared to show up, do the work, and get ready for HUGE TRANSFORMATIONS! CHANGE YOUR ENERGY, CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!